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WillWay Wellness  exists to address a gap for doers.

The spread of Covid-19 has been countered best globally by simple, practical and effective self-help methods. Wash your hands, wear a mask, keep social distances. Not the latest technologies or innovations or by one individual expert.

Following closely is a pandemic of heightened stress – and related distress, dis-ease and suicides. This is not being addressed by the equivalent simple, practical and effective self- help counter-measures.

Self-help emotional and wellness methods are not often explained and publicised. Meanwhile mental health services  are getting overloaded.

Here on WillWay Wellness you are the expert on you… and you are supported to:- Take action: Self-assess: Compare : Inform yourself.

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Here, you are the expert on you...

We support you to:-

  • minimise stress intake by increasing awareness, managing your perceptions, and taking preventative action,
  • release stress promptly and effectively,
  • minimise stress by predicting it, preparing for it and physically controlling your responses,
  • manage your perceptions of stress,
  • build stress minimisation and resistance habits,
  • develop Emotional Intelligence skills that you can use throughout your life.
  • strengthen your emotional resilience for life,
  • create Wellness so you can Live Your Better Life!
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What do we really mean here?

If you have COVID-19 symptoms, you go and get tested and access professional health care services. Similarly, this site is about taking precautions and prevention. We do not address extreme stress problems, nor crises, nor severe distress. That is for others – who you can access through your Doctor/General Practitioner or multiple government and private enterprise channels.

This WillWay Wellness site is for action-oriented doers who want to understand themselves and actively improve their level of emotional and mental well-being, and who want to maintain this and grow more Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Resilience. Emotional Resilience is a subject WillWay will cover as a major topic in our expanded future site.

WiFFor over 40 years’, working globally, WillWay has developed simple, robust, practical, easy to use tools for doers to use themselves. These tools are for people who want to help themselves to reduce the impact of stress that comes with day to day life and its changes.

Wellness is about both how and what to do.

We have assembled and provide here a limited amount of information that is free and available to all.

If you want to know more, simply Register and login via the Join Us page to access these FREE. Including:

  • Self-measurement tests,
  • Self-diagnosis tests,
  • Remedial self-help advice.
  • Scope to participate in spreading the benefits of stress preventative self-help.

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