Be Kind to You Body

(When it dies , you die!)

Worry, anxiety and tension create a range pf possible problems such as indigestion, poor sleep habits, low energy, apathy, tiredness, weary bones and muscles, low morale, low self image and low self esteem.

These problems can become habits and can become mutually escalating and self reinforcing.

Our message is to focus on tackling the physical manifestations of stress, In turn this will make it easier ot deal with the stress related thinking issues which are magnified by overload of body hormone stimulation.

The following form provides 42 options as to how you can improve your physical existence.

Each option will ask you what you will do to improve your wellbeing. There can be no improvement without decisions, effort and some determination to overcome inertia and existing habits.

Accordingly, you will also be asked to second guess your likely ways of relapsing and not being successful. Anticipate what will block your success and take action to avoid or overcome such roadblocks to success.

You have made changes before. You can succeed. Get there faster and easier by being methodical, realistic and plain bloody-minded determined. You can be the better you. Use the form below to make a start:


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