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The WillWay team’s vision is of an emotionally and mentally healthier world – for greater Well-being and Wellness! This site is a starter site, to give you a taste of what is possible and the things to come, as we work on a much larger and broader site with a wide range of offerings.

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You can choose to be part of the Wellness evolution. By addressing your own emotional and mental health on this site and generally. By providing your data/feedback on this website, the tools and the information we have provided, to help build our research on what works best for different people. And by making our messages better known, sharing what you have found out and works (or doesn’t) for you with others, and registering for our future expanded site and offerings.

In the days before antiseptic was invented, people thought it visionary to picture a world without diseases ravaging populations. We need the same shift to occur in terms of emotional and mental ill-health across the world.

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Historical Parallels

In the 1860s, no one understood the existence of germs and their dangers. Sanitation and hygiene went unconsidered. Surgeons, doctors, food handlers worked with filthy hands. Life was nasty, brutish, and usually short.

When Pasteur, Lister, and others introduced sterilisation and antiseptics, physical health and human life expectancy improved greatly. But it took thirty-five years before doctors washing their hands and sterilising instruments became standard practice. And the same for the public to adopt basic sanitary practices. Pioneers faced persistent stiff resistance to new thinking and new methods. After all, they were asking people to tackle invisible enemies that the public and specialists did not see, recognise, nor acknowledge.


History focuses on the prominent leaders of the change. The real shift in saving lives was made by multitudes of ordinary people doing basic things. Such as washing themselves and their clothes, getting rid of dirt and vermin (germ carriers), and other simple hygiene tasks.

Today, the world is awash with a lack of emotional and mental health, and the consequent human damage this creates. The ‘germs’ we face are not just the plague of stress, distress, depression, and other mental illnesses; but also outcomes of alcohol and drug abuse and domestic and other violence. More broadly, the societal evils of bigotry, intolerance, abusive behaviour, bullying, autocracy, and conflict. Autocracy is a damage pattern.

Like the shift in sanitation and hygiene practices, we need to see the widespread adoption by ordinary people of better emotional and mental hygiene. Cleaning up emotions and thinking to achieve Wellness.

The people of 160 years ago lacked knowledge, tools, and techniques to achieve clean physical living. Today, we require similar knowledge about the nature and operation of our emotional and mental processes. Back then, people did not need education in the theory of bacteria, infection, and antisepsis. They needed plain, simple, and practical guidance on what to do and not do, and how to go about it. Once applicable knowledge spread; illness and death rates dropped dramatically.


When it comes to emotional and mental health, the need for plain simple support is the same.

The future larger, expanded WillWay site will address how to cut through a thirty-five-year learning curve/ journey WillWay has taken. It will make accessible materials – information, tools, and actions on subjects including:

  • Avoidance, prevention, minimisation, and early discharge of stress.
  • Power, control, and habit change.
  • Self-assessment and self-adjustment of your more than 100 Control Habits.
  • How to deal with change impacts by adapting control habits
  • How to strengthen selected control habits.
  • How to deal with uncomfortably low use of control habits by others.
  • How to shift out of mediocre use of control habits.
  • Dealing with inhibitions stopping you from growing.
  • Using Control Theory and Reality Therapy to self-develop.
  • Countering bullying.
  • Countering detrimental and abusive habits of self and others.
  • Improving personal relationships.
  • Dealing with co-dependency.
  • Countering organisational sick behaviour patterns.
  • How to be an outstanding Winner.
  • How to give up on self-sabotaging losing behaviours.

And much more ….

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