Stress is something to feel embarrassed about.

There is some failing in me, as and when, I feel stressed.

Stress naturally makes us feel guilt, shame, incompetent or inadequate.

Stress is about emotions in my head and is a mind problem, or failing.

 Stress is a deep-seated problem in my brain and you cannot change your brain.

 Stress is created by other people, who make me react that way.

Stress is to do with my personality which I inherited from my mother/father.

I am stuck with my stress issues because they are just my personality.

 Stress is my mind being the problem.

 I need drugs to deal with my stress.

Counselling is for losers and an admission of failure.

 If I open-up to my feelings, whether in counselling or not, my feelings will take over and run me.

If I just do a little, or get an understanding of these things I will be alright.

NONE of the above are true, They are all myths, passed on from past generations of misunderstanding.

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