This site is for DOERS

For people willing to put some actual effort into changing their life when it comes to stress. For those choosing to self-heal and for those choosing self-improvement. Change will require the will and effort to break unhelpful habits and establish new, better ones – a choice of Wellness.


What WillWay offers here that is distinct is:


  • The fostering of better emotional, mental and physical well-being/wellness,
  • The provision of precise guidance on how to tackle stress, and
  • The provision of logic and information around:
  • how pressure builds up, and
  • how you can reduce it for yourself,  and
  • how future stress impacts on you can be reduced or prevented by your control of better future choices and actions.
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Those in crisis, in severe pain or distress, MUST seek health/medical professional assistance.1

WillWay offers self-diagnosis, self-testing, self-definition of needs/requirements and self-selection of

tools for stress prevention and development of emotional resilience.

The place to start this journey is to know yourself.

We all have the same basic physiological systems. Gender differences are secondary. We fundamentally have absolutely and universally shared patterns when it comes to how the human mind and body interact.

In the process of self-discovery WillWay puts greater emphasis than many others on:

  • Humans being purposeful beings, exercising control to get their own needs met,
  • A systems approach to the thinking, feeling, action and physiological systems in every human,
  • The human capability/capacity to self-heal,
  • The centrality of power, control, and choice-driven habits when it comes to both the creation and limitation of stress,
  • You are the expert on your own life and situation,
  • Simple, practical, and effective guides, tools, and methods facilitate your desired changes and, most importantly, make changes that work for you on an ongoing basis.
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Find out how stressed you are, right now.

I am after:

Specific Information

Self Tests

Action Options


WillWay works with reality. Every page offers a debrief and feedback option. We invite you to be a research partner when it comes to stress in the world, we all live in.

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